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1. New Jerusalem Chapel. Rhodes. 1886-1973.
2. New Jerusalem Chapel. Wood Street. Middleton. 1880-1975.
3.Providence Independent Chapel. 1910-1989.
4. Long Street Wesleyan Methodist Church. 1866-2000.
5. Chapel Street Primitive Methodist. Rhodes. 1930-1966.
6. Hebers Methodist Church. 1951-1965.
7. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Rhodes. 1899-1958.
8. Methodist Chapel. Bowlee. 1956-1961.
9. All Saints Church. Rhodes. 1864-1941.
10. Primitive Methodist Chapel. Jumbo. 1928-1966.
11. St Michaels Church. Tonge. 1840-1943.
12. Middleton Junction Wesleyan Church. 1893-1970.
13. Morton Street Primitive Methodist. 1947-1960.
14. St Leonards Church. 1541-1900.
15. St Mary. Birch-in-Hopwood. 1839-1893 and 1964-1988.
16. Holy Trinity. Parkfield. (Registers still at church).
17. St Gabriels. Middleton Junction. (Registers still at church).
18. St Peters R.C. (Registers still at church).
19. Old Road Chapel. Middleton. (Not yet included).
20. Bethel Chapel. Sadler Street. (Not yet included).
21. St Stephens Chapel. (Not yet included).
22. Mills Hill Baptist Church. (Not yet included).
23. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Wood Street. (See Long Street Methodist).
24. Ebenezer Chapel. Rhodes. (Not yet included).
25. Salem Chapel. Middleton. (Not yet included).

Please remember this is just an index, containing names, dates and relevant churches.
Where the registers are unavailable, some marriages have been included in the index, from local newspaper sources.

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